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My New Year's Resolution. Almost two months late.

A few of you may have noticed that I haven't published that much content in the past year. I aim to change that. I have changed a few of my goals in order to grow my channel, mostly due to the new YouTube Policy changes. I plan to get one video out per week, as well as publish more often here. If I ever don't publish something for maybe two to three weeks, go ahead and send me an email at I won't ever respond to that email, but I will see it, and I'll get to work. Also, I think I may be uploading videos on Sunday instead of Friday, publishing Monday. Exporting took a while for this video, and my computers are very finicky when uploading to YouTube (I uploaded this video five different times). If I don't publish any videos here, it will most likely be over at my personal YouTube channel. If there isn't one their either, I'm either too busy, or I forgot. Feel free to watch the video to get more context.