In my midst of waiting . . .

Hey guys, John here.

I was sitting in my house today, when there was a knock at the door. There was a delivery man there. Now, just about a half our before then, I checked up on the progress of my Moto 360 being shipped back to me (if you want more on the fiasco of Motorola Support, there will be a post and video when the entire thing is over, so probably next week). The website showed that it was being delivered tomorrow. So, what was at my door?
I went over to the door, and in front of my house, there was a yellow truck. It kind of looked like a taco truck, just a little bit. In hindsight, I should have taken a picture of it. Instead, here is a picture of it below.
I went over to the door, opened it, and the guy standing there, asked for my name. If you haven't heard from some of my videos, there are other people where I live, and I was kind of surprised when he asked for me. I guess I might have looked a little flustered, so he just told me to sign below. I signed on his little pad-like-thing, and he gave me the package. I will be publishing an unboxing video of what I found inside of the package soon, but for right now, I'll just have some pictures below. I picked up the package, and immediately I knew it was a fabric of some kind, just because it was flimsy, and in the shape of a large flat square. 

I opened the package, and inside of it, was another package, which was red and white. Ah ha, you can see where this is going. Sure enough, there was a OnePlus Logo on the package, with Chinese writing on it, with on the bottom. You'll have to excuse the next photo. My phone makes the photo really fuzzy when it's taking a picture of something shiny.
I myself don't know what the Chinese characters say, but my neighbor, who speaks a little Chinese, came over and told me that the "-" is 1 in Chinese, so I'm assuming it says "".

I opened up the package, and inside was an official OnePlus backpack. Really nice looking. Definitely something I would pay $45 (which is about ¥299). Here are some pictures of this product that will be coming to the US store later this year. 

Make sure you subscribe to us on YouTube, and turn on notification, so you can be sure to be notified of the unboxing video. Also, I will be making a three week review of this backpack, unless I don't have a lot of information to give, in which case, I will make a this-product-finally-came-to-the-store review. 


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