Update on Future Devices

Hey guys, John here.

I just wanted to give you updates on our future devices that will be coming to Gooogle Studios. First I want to tell you about the newest devices we will be getting. First of all, have you heard of this?

This is the PGS (or Portable Gaming System). It has been confirmed. We will be shipped one or two of these devices. I myself don't play very many video games, so I will be taking up the lite version. The Hardcore version will be going out to somebody else on our team. I'll let him introduce himself when the time comes.

Next, we will be getting (hopefully) one of every device the offer from OnePlus. That's right. A OnePlus One, Two, X, and Three will be shipped to us to review. But that isn't going to be all we will be doing with them. We have something fun in store for them. (Insert mischievous grin here)

Now that we have got the new devices out of the way, I want to give you a quick update on the devices that have been previously mentioned, we will be getting a Boosted Board 2.0 (which I'm really excited to try out, and you will see why when we get it). We will also be receiving a Moto Z Force, and all three Moto G4 devices.

EDIT JULY 3, 2016: I have been given an estimated time of arrival of the Portable Gaming System. We will be receiving them around September of this year, so just a couple months of waiting. I'm currently working on getting dates for the other products, so I will have all of the dates within the next day or two. 


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