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What happened to the internet speeds?

Hey guys, John here. I've run into a little trouble, and I won't be uploading many videos any time soon. For some reason, my internet speeds slowed down, so it will take forever to upload videos. I can still post, but video is going to be withheld while the internet is getting fixed. If you don't believe me, here is a screenshot Again, any video is going to be withheld until the internet gets fixed. Sorry for any inconvenience. Hope to be uploading soon. Currently making my review for the AIKO Key Finder.

AIKO Unboxing

Hey guys, John here. I know that it has been a while ever since I mentioned that I was getting the AIKO Key Finder. I officially unboxed it. Go ahead and watch the video below.

AIKO Giveaway

Hey guys, John here. Since I was shipped two of these AIKO key finders, I decided to do a giveaway. There is a catch to this giveaway though. In order to initiate the giveaway, there needs to be at least 100 subscribers on the YouTube channel  by the end of July, otherwise I will sell the AIKO. Once there is 100 subscribers on the YouTube channel, there will be a post made with the giveaway embedded. EDIT AUGUST 16, 2016: Unfortunately, due to the nonexistent influx of YouTube subscribers, we cannot initiate the giveaway. I'm sorry, but I made the rules, and I have to enforce them.

New Device: AIKO

Hey guys, John here. I just wanted to tell you guys about a new device we will be getting. This is a revamped iHere Key Finder 3.0 by Nonda. This device is called the AIKO. It has shipped from Nonda, and will be arriving soon. It should be arriving either tomorrow or the next day, so expect to see an unboxing video of this device, and a review about it a couple of weeks later. (Which reminds me, I still need to make a review about the last device I got. You know, the external battery charger.) Below are some pictures of this device, if you want to take a look. These are published by Nonda, or other users. EDIT: And, apparently, I've been shipped two of these nifty little devices. I may be doing a giveaway because of it, so make sure that you subscribe on YouTube, and turn on notifications to get alerts when I start the giveaway.

New Newsletter

Hey guys, John here. I recently decided to make a newsletter. If you are comfortable with signing up for the newsletter, go ahead and let me know. I started using a website called GetResponse to collect the emails. Don't worry. Neither I or GetResponse will ever sell your emails to a third party.

(Maybe?) New Devices

Hey guys, John here. I know, it has been a long time since I last posted something. The better part of a few hours? Anyway, I wanted to tell you guys something. I don't know, as this isn't concrete yet, but we will maybe getting new devices soon. One of which is a Boosted Board. You can find them at  their website . They typically sell for about $1000, but I find they are worth it. We may be getting a review unit of the 2.0 board in the coming months, maybe sooner as we will hear a response from their marketing team as soon as they become available. Another device we will be possibly getting are the entire Moto G4 family as well as the Moto Z Force. They are currently not available to the public yet, but they will be later this year. If you want to make sure that we get these devices, you can go ahead and subscribe on YouTube. The more YouTube subscribers we have, the bigger chance we have of getting these products. Make sure that you and everyone you think would be int

iOS 10 concept

Hey guys, John here. I was doing a little browsing on YouTube recently, and something "recommended" showed up called iOS 10 concept. I watched it, and noticed some things that I want to talk about here, so read on below if you want more information. But, before you read more of this, watch the video below. The first thing I want to talk about is the first thing that is introduced. The Smart Info Cam. I wouldn't actually necessarily call it this, but that is neither here nor there. What does peak my interests is the fact that it can pull up barcodes and QR Codes, does a search for it online, and pulls up relevant information. I sort of wish all phones had this option, instead of having to download a third-party application from the App Store, and I would greatly appreciate this being implemented into iOS, and maybe Android N. The only thing I have to complain about, is it saves the photo of the barcode in your photos. The second thing that I want to talk about is

Update of our little chat with the OnePlus CEO

Hey guys, John here. I just wanted to follow up on the post that I made earlier this month. You know, the one where I said that I would post what Carl Pei (CEO and co-founder of OnePlus) said? Yeah, well, circumstances changed. Apparently, at the end of the phone call, he asked me not to make the call public. So, sorry, but I cannot disclose the phone call. Although, with a bit of light research, most of the stuff we talked about can be found online through other sources. That, I only found out a couple hours after doing the phone call.  Again, sorry. Nothing to disclose. There is nothing I can do about that.

OnePlus Loop

Hey guys, John here. If you haven't noticed, OnePlus will be unveiling their OnePlus Three soon. June 14th to be exact. I will be available for that time, and intend to blog about my experience viewing that announcement. On a completely unrelated topic, I will be (most likely) setting up a Skype call with Carl Pei, CEO and co-founder of OnePlus. This is not about their new OnePlus Three (as I said, this topic is completely unrelated), but we may have a chance to score a OnePlus Three this way. Maybe before it is released. This is not expected, and not secured, but it is definitely a chance. Make sure you stay tuned to this blog and/or YouTube channel to make sure you know what is going on. They skype call will probably take place this week or next week. As usual, make sure you follow up here.