Out with the old, and in with the . . . older?

Hey guys, John here.

I recently made the decision to get some more supported android devices out there, and so I traded my LG Leon and my Moto 360 for a Galaxy SIII (AT&T) and a Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile). I made this decision because, if you haven't been able to tell with my CM 12.1 for Leon post, it is kind of unsupported, regardless of being a fairly popular device now.

Not only did I get the GS2 and 3, but I also got a really nice Amazon speaker. This speaker goes on Amazon for about $40.00. It is really nice to play some really bassy music or Asphalt 8.

Anyway, more to the point. I wanted to mention that I will not be making my CM 12.1 video for the Leon, but will instead be making a CM 12.1 video for the GS2. The GS2 runs (supported by the Cyanogenmod Team) CM 11. I have found a build that is 12.1 for ol' hercules here, and I plan to install it later on today.

The GS3, on the other hand (with a WAY more bland name of d2att) has supported CM 13, and if anything big gets released with it, I certainly plan to mention so.

As usual, be on the lookout for more content, whether on the blog, or The YouTube Channel.


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