How to install CM 12.1 on an LG Leon (T-Mobile Variant)

Hey guys, John here, and this is our first post on our new domain. Sorry we had to go from a more professional style Wordpress to a more casual Blogger, but I tried my best to get it as good as possible. Anyway, I'VE DONE IT! I'VE FINALLY DONE IT! I'VE INSTALLED CYANOGENMOD ON MY LG LEON!

Now that we got the celebrating out of the way, let me tell you how I did it. Just so you know, in the version disclosed in the folder, there is a bug where the camera and torch stop working. Just so you know, I am not responsible with anything that happens with your device. But, if something does go wrong, I will be more than happy on making a fix, as I have probably already run into it before.

It only took me three months, but I have finally found out how to root my LG Leon. No downgrading or flashing required. All I did was head over to, and download the apk. Not even a computer needed. All of those people that tell you towelroot works, it doesn't. Kingroot is the only way I have been able to root my phone. When you install the apk, it says that there is not a root method available, but try it anyway. That is the case for me.

Next, you want to download all of the files (except c-apps, as that is optional). There is a Google Docs file in there with a link to an app on the Play Store called Flashify. When all of the following are installed, you want to open flashify, install the zip file of TWRP. If you get a popup saying that you need to give the app root access, do so. It won't work if you don't. FYI: THIS IS THE ONLY VERSION OF TWRP THAT WILL INSTALL THE CYANOGENMOD. DO NOT TRY TO USE ANY OTHER VERSION.

Next, after you flash the zip file of TWRP, it will say reboot. Once you reboot, you will have the custom recovery installed. Once that is finished, go back into the flashify app, and hit the menu icon. Press the reboot recovery option. This will take you to TWRP. After you do that, you want to back up your data (optional, if something goes wrong you can go back to stock.) and do the default wipe. After those steps, you want to install CM. Wipe the cache/dalvik. Once you get those done, you can reboot system.

I AM WARNING YOU. MY PHONE HAS A BUG WHERE IT REBOOTS IF YOU ARE IN THE SETUP UI. YOU MUST BE CAREFUL. For me, when CM booted up, it booted into the setup UI. If reading all caps is against your religion, and you skipped over it, you must be careful at this part. My phone would restart the system UI, and start over the setup process. If your phone does that, please put this in the comments so I can let others know that it will do the same for everyone. You will have to do a skip frenzy to get out of it. Get through the setup process very quickly, so no "Connect to Wifi" or "Connect your account". You want to get through this ASAP. If you don't you will be in a forever boot loop.

Once you get through the Setup UI, and are at the home screen. Go into the settings app. Scroll down to about phone, and go to the build number. Tap on that seven times, or until the toast notificiation says that you are a developer. After that is complete, go back, and into developer options. If it is turned off, turn Dev Options on. At the top of the list is a toggle that says "Advanced Reboot". Turn this on, and press and hold the power button until the power options are displaying. Press reboot, then reboot recovery, then okay. Now, you are to install the Gapps zip and the C-Apps zip (optional). If you want more information on the C-Apps, you can go to Cyanogen's page. The GApps will allow you to have the play store, but nothing else. It will get you the bare minimum of Google Play functionality. If you want to get the latest of the Google Play functionality, you can just go to the website: Make sure you select the ARM processor (default selected) and the 5.1 version. Then select the package. The bare minimum is pico, and if you want all of the Google Apps (which I don't recommend), then you can download the super option.

Once those are all installed, wipe cache/dalvik, and reboot system. There may be a few bugs in the system, but you have to remember, it isn't finished yet. Post on this XDA Forums post. I will be posting my review about what I think about this version. Keep in mind, there is a version from September of 2015, but I haven't installed it yet. It has not officially appeared in XDA Developers, only in Android Forums, so I will test it out later and put up my review of that as well. Anyway, keep your eyes open for my review about Cyanogenmod on my LG Leon (H345).


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