My New Year's Resolution. Almost two months late.

A few of you may have noticed that I haven't published that much content in the past year. I aim to change that. I have changed a few of my goals in order to grow my channel, mostly due to the new YouTube Policy changes. I plan to get one video out per week, as well as publish more often here. If I ever don't publish something for maybe two to three weeks, go ahead and send me an email at I won't ever respond to that email, but I will see it, and I'll get to work. Also, I think I may be uploading videos on Sunday instead of Friday, publishing Monday. Exporting took a while for this video, and my computers are very finicky when uploading to YouTube (I uploaded this video five different times). If I don't publish any videos here, it will most likely be over at my personal YouTube channel. If there isn't one their either, I'm either too busy, or I forgot. Feel free to watch the video to get more context.

Schlage FE599 Unboxing

Hey guys, John here. My lock broke a couple weeks ago, and so I got a new one. But this one more different than just the model number. This one is Z-Wave compatible, meaning I can hook it up to a hub, which I have already done, and once I get my light switch (tomorrow) I'll be making a video on it, and publishing it sometime this Saturday (hopefully). Anyway, here is the unboxing and a tutorial on how to rekey the locks. Enjoy You can purchase the item here:

Google I/O 2017 Information

Hey, guys. John here. Just recently, Google announced their dates for Google I/O 2017. I am trying to get my schedule worked out, but here is a widget that will be playing the live stream, if you decide to tune in.

Nextbit Robin Unboxing

Hey guys, John here. A few weeks ago, I went ahead and bought a Nextbit Robin. I finally got the unboxing video edited and rendered (I've been trying to find a good video editing tool, and also had to use Premiere Pro anyway, so I went ahead and got a subscription). You can go ahead and video the video below. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for a review video, and whether this is still a viable option for this year.

FE 595 Keypad Unboxing and Installation

Hey guys, John here. I know I haven't posted in a while, but that is going to change soon. Ever since August, I haven't had the means or time to edit video, but I'm starting to schedule that back in now. Anyway, in this video, I show you how to install the FE 595 Keypad Lock from Schlage. >

Building your own Airpods

Apple recently announced their new iPhone with a lack of a headphone jack. They are also selling wireless Airpods. They aren't being sold quite just yet, but it has been discovered on how to make some yourself. This is a tutorial on what to do if you want to make your own Airpods.