OnePlus Products Coming

Hey guys, John here.

I just wanted to let you know, we are getting OnePlus products. It just may not be the common products that you think we are getting.

What we are getting is not a phone, or anything related to phones. Let me explain. We all know that the OnePlus Headquarters is in China. Because of that, they have a lot more items on their Chinese Store. You can see some of the items included in the Chinese store below.

We are only getting one of the products listed in the picture. I'll give you a hint on which one. It is the most expensive one. Costing 299 Yuan (or about $45 in USD), we are being shipped an official OnePlus Backpack. This isn't going to be a normal review when it arrives. I don't quite know what I'm expecting. I'll try to do an unboxing for the product, and then do a two week review like normal. Chances are though, I'm not going to have a lot of content on the two week review. If not, I will have a review after my next semester of school, so expect a OnePlus Review around Christmas.

Now you may be wondering, how am I getting this product? A nice person inside of OnePlus is hooking me up. I had a nice conversation about stuff about this person, and then I asked some OnePlus related questions, and then I asked if I could get some products from the Chinese store, since you can't buy that stuff in the US. I will tell you though, that you are going to be able to buy this stuff soon. They are adding these products to the US store later on this year. So, if they add these products to the US store before my next semester is over, I'll make sure to post a review of the backpack shortly after they are being sold in the US.

If you want some additional pictures of this product, you can find them below. For now though, I am currently awaiting a box to arrive on the doorstep. See you again then.


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