Motorola's customer service sucks

I've got one thing to say. I'm never buying another Motorola product again.

The Moto 360 that I own, is the first device from Motorola that I purchased. It is also the last. The reason why, is if you look back to the post of the Motorola 360 breaking, I needed to get it fixed. But first, I needed a Proof of Purchase.

I normally don't keep my receipts. This was the case when I purchased the watch. Maybe I have it somewhere, but it isn't where I would put it (in the box). I had to go to my local Costco to get a copy of the receipt. One thing was wrong though. I was on vacation. I had to wait until I went back home, and then a considerable amount of stuff I needed to buy at Costco needed to be added to my list of Costco items that I needed to purchase before I had an excuse to take an hour out of my day to get the receipt.

I got the receipt copy July 13, 2016. I sent the copy to Motorola. They said they really believed that I purchased it at Costco on that date, but couldn't verify it. I got pretty mad at them, and told them that they could call Costco, and have them verify the information with them (because the receipt copy had the Membership number, Transaction number, and even the number of the person of the employee that was at the register of where I purchased it). They wouldn't do it.

That is when I took the time to look up the number of the Costco of where I purchased it. I called them, recording the phone call, and had them verify that I purchased it. I gave them the date, time, and membership number, and they gave me the transaction number and register number printed on the receipt. I sent that to Motorola, and called them again.

I guess they weren't too happy with me getting mad at their terrible service, and decided to delay my call for 4 hours, which would just happen to be 45 minutes after their closing time. What a lame excuse, because I called into there not even 30 minutes before, and had no hold time. There is no excuse for high call volumes, when people aren't even done working. If they didn't get to my call by the time they closed, they would call me back tomorrow. If you read the Moto 360 breaking article, you will know that last time they said that, it didn't happen.

Then, I took the liberty of calling Costco Concierge. I did this as a last resort because I know they'll just refund me the money. I know this because they stopped carrying the Moto 360 a couple months after I bought one. I wanted a replacement. Not a refund. If I had a refund, I wouldn't be able to afford another Moto 360, because I would get $160. The cheapest I could find a Moto 360 for was $200 on Motorola's website. When I was on call with the person, I engaged in a conversation with somebody. My phone was on speaker, so I hit the power button to turn the screen back on, so I could mute the call. Apparently on ZTE phones, if you have the option to end the call on power button push, it ends the call, even when you use the button to turn the screen on. (That didn't happen on any other phone I've used.) That is when I started on this article. The entire time it took to write what happened above, and they haven't called me back. I think I'll try to call now. (I took the end call on power button push option off.)

I just got off the phone with Costco Concierge services. The first guy I talked to, kind of reminded me of a used car salesman. He sounded over excited to help me. He couldn't help me though, and forwarded me to a guy whom he though could. Unfortunately, they guy he forwarded me to sounded really bored. He just told me to go to the store, and request a refund. Which is exactly what I called to do. I'm not going to be going to Costco again for a while. I'm not quite sure he realized where he worked, or if he realized I called him to request a repair/replacement/refund. He just told me to go talk to the manager of my local Costco, and try to get them to sympathize with me. If Motorola doesn't call back, I'm going to call them, and see one last time if I could get a repair. If not, I'm going to sound a lot like this person, and many others, with this complaint.

The Next Day

I called Motorola Again. Twice there were problems with the line. The first time, I called in, and it was listing off the options. All of a sudden, it transferred me somewhere I have no idea. I hung up before I was put on hold for an extended period of time. The next time, I got that "Line Busy" sound as if Motorola was calling me at the exact same time. Maybe it was, maybe it just didn't want my call.

The third time I called, I actually got somewhere. I argued with the technical support representative that Costco didn't put their logo over everything in their servers, so the logo won't show up because this was printed from their servers. They already know where the receipt came from. They didn't need to mark it with their own logo. The representative explained to me that if he accepted the proof of purchase and didn't check to see if there was a logo on there, or a serial number on there, then he could get fired. I guess that makes sense. So, I requested to speak to the person who would fire him if he accepted the proof of purchase as legitimate. He agreed.

I spoke to a supervisor (at least, I think it was a supervisor), and he told me that he would try the best he could to get my watch repaired. He told me he would be setting up a conference call between me, him, and the "Repair Escalations" team. The call got dropped shortly after. No callback from Motorola for a half hour.

When I finally did receive a callback, it was the supervisor that was trying to set up a conference call. I guess he went ahead and verified that I purchased the Moto 360. He spoke to the repair escalations team, and they were calling the warehouse to verify. Maybe I should have told them that I already did that. They probably wouldn't have believed me anyway. The representative told me that I would get a reply via email within the next 24-48 hours. So, I have to wait another day to get my watch repaired. Whoopee!

We Done Yet?

So, lo and behold, they delayed it farther. I had to wait for three days for the repair estimate to drop from $100 to $0. After that, I requested repair, and had to wait for a couple hours to get my shipping label. Now, I just have to figure out where I can drop off my package, and ship it. Then I have to wait another couple of weeks, and I'll finally get my Moto 360 back. 



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