I Broke My Moto 360

Hey guys, John here.

I just wanted to say, I'm sorry. Again. I know, I've said it a lot, whenever I get rid of devices, but this time, I'm not. I'm keeping it.

I recently went on vacation to Moab, Utah. While I was there, I went to their Recreation Center. Now, before I go any further, I have to say something. I have submerged my Moto 360 in water before. It does have water resistance. It has been submerged in a hot tub before when I went on vacation in the spring. What happened this time should never have happened.

When I was in Moab swimming, I had my watch on. I thought nothing of it. Of course, it should be fine. It's been submerged in 85 degree water before (about 29.4 degrees Celsius for those of you in other countries). 60 degrees (or 15.5 C) should be no problem. A few minutes later, I take a look at my wrist. You will never believe what happened next. It started charging. That's a problem. It was on my wrist, yet it was charging. I decided to turn it off, seeing as how it was at 20% battery, and the screen is permanently on when charging. I finally got into the watch interface instead of the charging screen, opened up settings, and powered it off. Once it powered off, I saw a charging indicator turn on. If you don't believe me, look below.

I decided to go out in the sun (if you don't know, it was really hot in Moab that week) to go and dry it out. I dried it out to the point of dry leather bands. It was still charging. I went and put it in my locker, and went back to swimming. When we left, the screen was on for so long, that the battery was long gone, and the screen off. I decided to go home and charge it. Amazingly, it charged. It powered on, working just fine. I went to bed, and when I woke up, the charging indicator on the dock was on, but the screen of the watch wasn't. It also wasn't turning on. I didn't want the watch to get lost, (kind of like how I lost my Zus. It's probably in my car somewhere . . .) so I put it on my wrist. 

Later that day, I called Motorola. I told them that my watch was acting funny after I went swimming. They asked for my serial number of the watch (it started with the letter "P"). I couldn't find it anywhere. They asked if I had the box, in which I said yes, but it was at my house, and I wouldn't be home until Thursday night. (That day was Wednesday). The representative said he would call me back Friday morning. I took an unexpected one-day-later stay, and knew I wouldn't be home until Friday afternoon. I went through a bunch of dead zones coming back, so I have no idea if the Moto Representative called me back and I missed it, or if he never did. All I know is, I didn't get a call.

I called back today, box in hand, and gave them the serial number. Guess what they told me. I purchased my watch in April from a local Costco, my warranty went out two months before I purchased it. yay . . .

The only way I can get repairs is to either go call Costco now, or find my proof of purchase from Costco. The second one would be easier, because I am getting it later today, but for right now, I'm stuck. Maybe I can call Costco and tell them the barcode on the box, and get a repair that way. I don't know. But for now, I'm Android Wear-less.


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