AIKO Two Week Review

Hey guys, John here.

For a couple of weeks now, I have had the pleasure to review the AIKO Key finder by Nonda. Now, I fully intend to give me review on the product.


I just wanted to mention that the battery life is exceptional. This battery, regardless of being light, and tiny, packs a huge punch. With one full year of battery life, you are sure that you won't ever have to charge the AIKO Key Finder. In fact, they're sure you won't ever have to charge this device, they didn't even put a charging mechanism on this device. No cables, or wireless charging. Just a battery. Seeing as how the battery lasts so long, I have never had to charge it, and never had to replace it, so I can't give you any indication of what the whole battery life is like, except that it can last more than a couple weeks.

Build Quality

This device, being made of plastic, isn't the best built device out there. Almost immediately after putting it on my keychain, I promised myself that I would never take it off again. Not just because it looks so amazingly awesome on my keys, with its porcelain white, and rich gold, but because when I put it on, there happened be little scratches in the plastic. I wish it was made from metal or something, but then I guess you would need to have antenna bands or something (insert shudder and reflection of the iPhone 6S back cover here). These scratches aren't too noticeable, but are still there. You won't notice them unless you go looking for them, so pretty good. Not like scratches on the screen.

Now, with the one button on this device. Honestly, I hate it, but it could be made better. The only reason I hate it is because it doesn't click, or make any indication that you are clicking it. It is either you don't press too hard, or if you feel like you are pressing it too hard. As soon as it becomes a little bit more clickable, or you can feel that you are clicking it all of the way, I will love the entire device (not that I don't love it right now, it's great, but it isn't perfect right now).


It's actually kind of funny. Whenever I get one of these devices, I never lose my keys. But, there was an exception this time. I did lose my phone. But when the time came that I needed to use the AIKO to find my phone, it wouldn't work. I did find my phone later, but when I opened the AIKO app to check the battery (which for some reason I can't check), it showed that I had no AIKO devices connected to my account. Now, I could've sworn I connected the AIKO to my phone earlier (and I can prove it to you because I have video evidence). I went ahead and added it, but brings me to this question Nonda, Why did it disconnect from my phone? I didn't remove it from my account, so what happened? It does work fine in mock tests, but when I actually had to use it, there was a bug in the program.

What would I have changed?

I would have the button more clicky, and I would fix that bug in the system that unpaired my AIKO from my phone. Another change that I would incorporate is the ability to change the "Anti-Lost" sound. For my tastes, it is unnecessarily loud. I wish that I could change the sound with a bunch of preinstalled sounds, and also have the ability to add your notification sounds.

Should you buy this?

Yes. I think everybody who loses their phone or keys on a regular basis should buy this device. It looks really nice, and I even have another one if you want to initiate the giveaway. The key is to get 100 subscribers on the YouTube channel. All the details are in the link. Otherwise, you are going to have to wait to buy one from Nonda. Currently their website server is down, so you cannot access their website. But, you can access their Amazon Account. But the AIKO isn't selling there right now. Check in every once in a while. I will post an announcement when they start selling. Make sure you check back. 

Just a little announcement, I found out what was wrong with my internet. I will be making a review video about this device soon and publishing it. But first I need to pack and go on vacation for a week, so don't expect it before then.


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