New Device: AIKO

Hey guys, John here.

I just wanted to tell you guys about a new device we will be getting. This is a revamped iHere Key Finder 3.0 by Nonda. This device is called the AIKO. It has shipped from Nonda, and will be arriving soon. It should be arriving either tomorrow or the next day, so expect to see an unboxing video of this device, and a review about it a couple of weeks later. (Which reminds me, I still need to make a review about the last device I got. You know, the external battery charger.)

Below are some pictures of this device, if you want to take a look. These are published by Nonda, or other users.

EDIT: And, apparently, I've been shipped two of these nifty little devices. I may be doing a giveaway because of it, so make sure that you subscribe on YouTube, and turn on notifications to get alerts when I start the giveaway.


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