iOS 10 concept

Hey guys, John here.

I was doing a little browsing on YouTube recently, and something "recommended" showed up called iOS 10 concept. I watched it, and noticed some things that I want to talk about here, so read on below if you want more information. But, before you read more of this, watch the video below.

The first thing I want to talk about is the first thing that is introduced. The Smart Info Cam. I wouldn't actually necessarily call it this, but that is neither here nor there. What does peak my interests is the fact that it can pull up barcodes and QR Codes, does a search for it online, and pulls up relevant information. I sort of wish all phones had this option, instead of having to download a third-party application from the App Store, and I would greatly appreciate this being implemented into iOS, and maybe Android N. The only thing I have to complain about, is it saves the photo of the barcode in your photos.

The second thing that I want to talk about is the ability to remove pre-installed apps. Now, with Android, you can do this already, and have had the ability to since as long as I can remember. But that is only hiding them (but if you had root access, you can completely uninstall them). I really want the ability to uninstall pre-installed apps to become a thing, but I don't see it actually happening. If apple were to do this, they would just have their apps in their appstore ready for you to download by yourself. But it would be nice to get rid of the Apple Watch app when you don't have an Apple Watch.

Another nice touch is the ability to lock your settings app. Now, I'm not sure if you will be able to completely lock the settings app, or just prevent the ability to change certain settings, but it is a nice feature.

I don't really want to talk about the Smart Filter, because I don't really think that it will be a thing, but it is a cool idea. I just think it will be too buggy.

Apple Music really does need a redesign. I've used it primarily on Android until I got my three months used up, but I have used it on iPhones and iPads, and it really does need a refresh. But it shouldn't be just limited to what it shown in the video. (And a design refresh on Android wouldn't hurt either, Apple)

Force touch speed dial, again, is a nice idea. Honestly though, I don't quite see the point. I don't see very many people using 3D Touch, and I'm not sure how many people who have an iPhone 6S would even know about this feature unless you show it to them. And if you do it to non-technologically advance people, they may think it is just a virus if they stumble across it.

Moving onto the iPad, there are some cool iPad only features that really should be implemented. Especially in the iPad Pro. Especially the multi window support. This would be extremely useful on the iPad Pro 13 inch, but not very useful on the iPad minis. It kind of sucks when you have such huge screen real estate, on the iPad Pro 13 inch, but can only run 3 apps at once (and only if you happen to have the right apps open, with a movie playing). I would love to be able to open multiple iPhone instances of different apps on an iPad Pro. Otherwise, I don't see the genius of purchasing a tablet that big. (But, if you could dual boot the iPad Pros with OS X and iOS if you have a 128 GB option or 256 GB option, that would be awesome, and I would already own one).

Next is the adjustable quick settings control center. I would love to be able to change what I see in my control center (even if it is only on an iPad) just like I can in the quick settings on my Android phones. That would be a huge plus, because I don't want to change my bluetooth status as much as I want to change my Cellular Data settings.

Multi-user is especially wanted on my family iPad. And, if you didn't want the option to dual boot your iPad Pro, I think you should be able to have the feature to have multi users on any iPad with 64 GB of storage or higher on your iPad. And if you have 64 GB, you should be limited to 4 users, and 128 GB should be limited to 8 users, and 256 GB limited to 16 users, just to give all the users at least 16 GB of storage.

Now, moving on to Apple Watch OS 3. New watch faces would be a plus. I don't, myself, own an Apple Watch, but I would assume that you can download them from the App Store. But Apple Built watch faces. As long as they are shiny, I'm sure that many Apple Fanboys are willing to pay money for those kinds of things. (I mean come on! Gold, shiny apple watch for thousands of dollars. People pay money because 1) it's gold, 2) it's shiny, and 3) it's made by Apple. Really defining the meaning of fanboy here)

Don't really want to dwell too much on the reminders and notes app. Hopefully they make their way to the watches. That will make a lot of people very happy.

Last but not least, hybrid pairing. Not really guessing that they will make their way into the Apple Watch, as Apple wants to make sure that if you own an iPad or iPod, and you really want an Apple Watch, you have to buy an iPhone 5 or later. My guess is, this feature will never make the Apple Watch. In fact, I think that they will say something like: "With WatchOS 3, we wanted to make sure you are using your watch with a highly capable iPhone. Not like those Android phones that have twice the RAM as our phones, or with Decacore processors, but just a phone that was top of the line (two years ago). We want to make sure that if you want WatchOS 3, you have to have an iPhone 6 or later." I'm sure that that will make total sense to any iPhone customer, and complete nonsense to any Android user. Because Apple.

But that was my thoughts on what could be iOS 10. If you guys like it, make sure you let me know. Go ahead and comment on anything that you think will also be put into iOS 10, and I'll make sure that if it is legit enough, I will add it.


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