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New Package update

Hey guys, John here. Just recently, I posted something about a new package that I got. Unfortunately, I haven't edited the video about it yet. I will be getting to that soon, but no guarantees that it will be done this week. Although, you guys may be wondering what that package was about. That package was for the external batter charger for my Galaxy S3. It has been known that the micro USB port for the GS3 has fizzled out. Mine it has done that entirely. It doesn't charge for longer than 15 minutes while plugged in. I'm glad that this item has arrived when it did. If you have the same problem, you can buy an external battery charger on Amazon . You guys are lucky. It is 10 cents cheaper than when I bought it. I am warning you, it charges really slowly, so what I suggest (if you haven't done so already) is purchase a  giant battery (4400 mAh) . Have one battery charging while you are using the other. Anyway, keep a lookout for a review about this product review. I

Google I/O update and New Package

Hey guys, John here. I just wanted to give you an update on my Google I/O stance. As I have said before, I will not be tuning into my livestream. Today is my last day of school, and I have very important tests to take, so I will not be watching immediately. What I will be doing is watching two videos: the main keynote and the "What's new in Android" presentation. Then I will give my full review about them. If you do want to watch the livestream without me, you can find that at the  Google I/O website  or by going to  my personal post. As mentioned in the title of this post, I got a new package yesterday. Currently editing the video on the unboxing part of it, and will have it live tomorrow morning. As usual, thanks for checking in. If you do want to become part of Gooogle Studios,  go ahead and email me  with what you think you can contribute. There will be other users promptly joining, so if you want to follow the crowd, go ahead.

Google I/O update

Hey guys, John here. I have something to tell you concerning Google I/O. I am sorry to say this, but I will not be joining in on a live stream. I just have too much to do this week, and won't be able to get to it. Of course, you can watch the live stream yourself at  the official I/O website , or by watching below. Thanks for following up.

Google I/O Update

Hey guys, John here. I just wanted to give you an update on my progress toward Google I/O. Again, as I have mentioned before, this all depends upon the fact that I have to take a couple of tests ahead of time, so that I can participate without missing anything. In the case that I do have that out of the way, I have my schedule for Google I/O prepared. I will be watching the Keynote, which is two hours, then there will be an hour break in which I will go get lunch, then there are other presentations like "What's New In Android" where they will get in depth with all of the new features of Android N (still hoping it is Nuget). In the case where I will not be able to watch the live stream, you will find the Keynote embeded in the website on May 18th. And, this may be a little late, but May the 4th be with you. This is John here, reporting to you on Revenge of the 5th.

Out with the old, and in with the . . . older?

Hey guys, John here. I recently made the decision to get some more supported android devices out there, and so I traded my LG Leon and my Moto 360 for a Galaxy SIII (AT&T) and a Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile). I made this decision because, if you haven't been able to tell with my  CM 12.1 for Leon post , it is kind of unsupported, regardless of being a fairly popular device now. Not only did I get the GS2 and 3, but I also got a really nice Amazon speaker . This speaker goes on Amazon for about $40.00. It is really nice to play some really bassy music or Asphalt 8. Anyway, more to the point. I wanted to mention that I will not be making my CM 12.1 video for the Leon, but will instead be making a CM 12.1 video for the GS2. The GS2 runs (supported by the Cyanogenmod Team) CM 11. I have found a build that is 12.1 for ol' hercules here, and I plan to install it later on today. The GS3, on the other hand (with a WAY  more bland name of d2att) has supported CM 13, and if anything b